Same Day Orders:

At S&B Pallets, with our own fleet of trucks, we are ready to ship your pallets at a prompt time to meet your industry needs. Our staff will ensure goods are shipped and delivered to you in a timely manner.

24/7 Days Services:

S&B Pallets operates 24/7 in order to keep our customers happy. We are committed to customer satisfaction. If you require after hours delivery or immediate services we've got it all under control.

Full Service Delivery:

With our own fleet of trucks, we can serve you in a timely manner. If you require full trailer load, then we will deliver the goods free of charge.

J.I.T Delivery:

At S&B Pallets, we'll work with you to reduce your inventory costs through our J.I.T delivery. Our professionals will work with you to ensure that we'll supply your goods on time as your current supply is being depleted. With our J.I.T delivery, we'll make sure that your inventory costs are reduced as we are committed to our customer's satisfaction.

Additional Services:

If necessary, we will park our trailer at our customer's yard for your convenience with your pallets. This way you can save some space in your warehouse and continue with uninterrupted production.

Inventory Tracking System:

Our professionals will also keep track of customer's inventory level and will give you a with reminder notice of shortage of inventory.
Call our S&B Pallets representative for information on our services and products. Once you order, our pallets are there at your door in a timely manner and you can transport your goods worry free.