S & B Pallets manufactures a wide range of soft and hard wood pallets. We are confident that we will meet your needs, and we always keep a strong relationship with our customers. This is what makes our customers coming back time and again.

New pallets

Recycled pallets

Custom pallets

At S&B Pallets, we are thrilled about our new pallets. With our new pallets, we'll take your load off in an efficient, cost effective and safer way like never before. These pallets are produced by our latest machines and equipments by our professionals and are easy to handle withby standard forklift. With our PDS (pallet designing system), we will make sure pallets are produced according to the customer's specifications. No pallet is too small or big to handle by S & B Pallets.
New pallets are produced in various sizes to accommodate your industry needs. Large inventories are maintained in house for immediate delivery.

At S&B Pallets, we focus on keeping the environment green and we encourage our customer's to do the same by providing recycle pallets. At our location, we recycle, repair, remanufacture and fabricate pallets. We have in-house recycled pallets in larger quantities to allow us to help fulfill your industry needs and at the same time preservinge the the environment. By being more environmentally conscious, our recycling system program in place at S& B pallets will allows us to reuse, used pallet components into fine recycled pallets which is strong and durable and most of all, we are preserving mother nature.

At S&B Pallets, we manufacture pallets to customer's specifications and sizes. Our staffs of pallets professionals are there with you in every step of the way to ensure quality customer satisfaction. Through our latest improved technology and manufacturing equipment, no pallet is too small or too big to manufacture. We use PDS (Pallet designing System) software which is an engineering tool which enables us to give you, gives us with 3-D design of the custom pallets and advise us of the durability and strength of each pallet. With the use of PDS, we guarantee; we will meet our customer's custom pallets specifications.

Custom crates

Heated treated pallets

Wooden tops and wood-frames

In addition to pallets, S&B Pallets manufacture crates for your packaging needs. S&B Pallets use special designing software to customize your order and make the crate very safe to handle in your organization. S&B Pallets has the ability to make as many crates and boxes for you in no time. Our designing team will design the custom crate fast and our production team will complete the design into actual crate within no time. Customer's goods wills be transported safely with no damages. No minimum order is required for custom crates.

According to ISPM #15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measure), S&B Pallets is certified to make and sell heat treated pallets to our customers. These pallets can be used to export your goods to the USA or to the international market. ISPM #15 prescribes phytosanitary measures to reduce the risk of introduction and/or the spreading of quarantine pests associated with wood packaging material (including dunnage), made of coniferous and non-coniferous raw wood for, use in international trade.

S&B Pallets also specializes in making wooden tops and wooden-frames. We can make any custom size wooden tops or wood-frames. Our professionals will guide you in finding the right size of wooden top which will suit your production. At S&B Pallets, size or quantity is not a matter! Yes we can do all sizes and quantities.