About Us

S&B Pallets Ltd. is one of the nation's largest manufacturer of soft and hardwood pallets and we have been dedicated in providing our customers with our best quality pallets for over a decade. We are proud of our excellence in providing the best quality pallets and services to our customers as our number one priority is our commitment to customer satisfaction. At S&B Pallets, we offer a wide range of pallets and services through our talented, dedicated employees and the latest improved technology. We are committed to our customer's success with our best environmentally friendly products for the right price at the right time. S&B Pallets is operating in a larger facility with higher inventory level to accommodate our customer's last minute orders. We are also located in a convenient place in Toronto for easy access to our customers. S&B Pallet is proud to be a member of the Canadian Wood Pallets and Container Association (CWPCA) & National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA)


S&B Pallets was established in the late 1990's. We have grown successfully and earned a reputation for honesty and integrity. We manufacture soft and hard wood pallets and also do repairs and reconditioning. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve our customers. We started the operation in a smaller facility but due to the higher demands and sales we moved to a larger facility in early 2000. S&B Pallets produces new pallets, custom-made orders and we repair used pallets. We do specialize in custom-made pallets. We work best with our high technology support to create custom-made pallets. We also offer same-day delivery. We provide the best quality pallets with the best service. S&B Pallets has built its reputation with its customers by assuring them that every piece of work that we do meets or exceeds their requirements. The S&B team are highly trained and dedicated to meeting customer needs. We run our own transportation company, S&B Transport, who works full time with S & B Pallets to serve you better and on time.